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Anonymous asked: Is Abdul fattah a good president? I'm asking because I am currently reading his most recent interview for time magazine and I don't want to make an opinion out of this interview because I do not live in Egypt and I don't share your struggles (hello Rana have a lovely weekend)

Well, First of all thanks for passing by my ask, sweet anon. And thanks because you thought about asking an Egyptian before building wrong impressions.

I haven’t talked about politics for a long time but I’ll try my best.

Abdul fattah isn’t a bad president, he has his mistakes but generally he’s not bad. The special thing about Abdul fattah is that so far he has been working for the better of the country economically and politically.

The problem about Abdul fattah from my point of view is about accepting opposition and freedom of expression. He’s not good at that part. Lot’s of people, including Mom and Dad, think that silencing opposition is a must now, because of the country’s terrible political and social state.

I don’t agree with that opinion, I think that the freedom of expression must always be available even in our terrible state.

I really do mourn the absence of Bassem Youssef.

But again, the regime now is much better than the Brotherhood’s regime and also better than Mubarak’s last ten years.

Honestly, I stopped bothering myself with politics lately. As I got really really tired of it especially after ending Bassem Youssef’s show, but I am trying my best to stay optimistic and hope for a better future.

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